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Thanks for reading!

Some language help please, if anyone has the time.
I was pointed here by Orange_fell in Linguaphiles.

Anyway...So I'm writing a story on and using a multi-national cast of characters. Right now, I'm working on a particular scene with a Parisian born French man, but I've hit a slight snag. Let me set it up appropriately:

Charles (our hero), has just been having a quiet night out at a restaurant with his girlfriend, Franchesca, and his friends. As they exit the restaurant, the group is assaulted by a number of thugs, and Franchesca is thrown into a van and taken with them. Charles is told that "She's gone, and there's nothing we can do about it."

Now comes for the language help:

"(Insert phrase)," Charles snarls vehemently as he spots a parked motorcycle, jumps on and roars off in pursuit.

In English (well, the American style anyway...) I could see people using something akin to "f*** that noise" or "to h*** with that". But I don't think that's what might be said. I included Charles hometown in case of local slang/collaqualisms. While Charles MIGHT swear in English, for the sake of storytelling, it'll be something that comes as he just doesn't know how to express his outrage at the statement/moment in English.

Muslim military funerals; non-Muslims attending Muslim funerals
struggles of a writer
I have a Delta Force operative, K, who was KIA in either Iraq or Afghanistan in the early 2010s. Enlisted, career Army, and practising but not super devout Muslim. Everything I've ever read about military funerals has been Christian in nature; is there any protocol for a Muslim servicemember?

I know that, for instance, that for Muslims the body is supposed to be buried as soon as possible, and that it's generally only family members who attend, but I'm curious to know if there's some way for the military to officially honour K's service, even if it's not a military funeral, perhaps a ceremony of some sort?

I tried Googling for 'military muslim funeral,' all I got was arrant nonsense from right-wing sites about Muslim clerics disrespecting soldiers because Obama. I KNOW I've seen pictures of gravestones at Arlington with crescents on them, so clearly the concept exists, I just can't find any details.

As for my second question. A, (the POV character), K's best friend, is non-Muslim. K's family is not super devout, and is very close to A. A happens to have a gay partner, C; K knew about them and was one of A's groomsmen. A and C would like to be there for K's widow and children; however, I'm not sure if his other family would consider it haraam for them to participate, or even attend, given that Islam doesn't support homosexuality. Ideally, they would be pallbearers, but I can't for the life of me find an answer as to whether that's halaal or haraam.

I've looked at Muslim funeral customs, and I do have a general idea of what goes on, but it's complicated by the fact that K is former military and that A and C are gay. I really don't want to step on any toes, not being American, Muslim, or even remotely religious myself.

Any advice for how I can be respectful while writing the funeral would be appreciated.

Interrupting Suicide Attempt
Setting: Present day, southern California. The family consists of a dad and two brothers. They're middle class, macho, in the MMA culture.

Search terms: helping someone who's attempting suicide, suicide attempt response, first aid for suicide attempt, medical response to suicide attempt, Tylenol poisoning, Tylenol overdose, first aid for poisoning, emergency room suicide attempt, adolescent suicide attempt

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Reactions to antiseptics and disinfectants (skin irritation, smell)
lost little monster
I'm writing a fic set in the modern-day US, and a character has some serious injuries (burns, various incisions, broken bones, etc.) from being used as a lab rat for a year. Once he finally escapes, he has to clean his injuries with whatever's readily available (any over-the-counter stuff) because he can't go to a hospital. I have a scene where he's going to use rubbing alcohol but the smell gives him a flashback because it's what the scientists would use to disinfect his skin before making any incisions (an assumption I made because alcohol is used before injections), so instead he switches to iodine, which stings more but doesn't trigger memories. And then I actually did a little research and discovered that iodine solutions are more often used before surgery and that probably does cause skin irritation, but I can't figure out whether that's the same sort of thing you might find in a first aid kit or a different solution/concentration, or what it smells like, or if that would be the obvious first choice in a first-aid kit and something less ideal would be available.

So I suppose my really specific question boils down to two parts (which themselves have multiple parts):
1. Is there a substance that a) could reasonably be used as a pre-operative antiseptic; b) has a strong, distinct smell; and c) is available over the counter in a form that at least has a similarly strong smell to whatever's used in actual surgeries?
2. Is there another substance that would a) reasonably be found in a decent first-aid kit or otherwise as a common over-the-counter antiseptic; b) hurt more than the above substance when applied to a wound; and c) have a different smell than the above substance?

I've read about alcohol, iodine, and antiseptics in general on Wikipedia and Googled stuff like "what does iodine smell like" and "antiseptics that sting" without much luck because, again, this is a weirdly specific question. I also found a couple good pages about antiseptics, but what I'm looking for--especially about smells--doesn't really show up.

Black plants and whether or not they're edible
bouncy lala
Hi, I'm working on a book that features aliens from a planet that orbits a red dwarf star. One of the theories I've read through research is that the plants on this planet would be black and dark purple. One of the sites that I read explained it this way:

As indicated in NASA studies announced in 2007, plants evolved under dim red dwarf suns or in more distance habitable orbits around a brighter star may appear black to Human eyes because they would probably need to absorbing [sic] more parts of the visible wavelength range to more effectively exploit as much of the available light as possible. Indeed, some in particularly dim environments may also evolve to use energy from infrared or ultraviolet radiation to power photosynthesis.

My question is would these plants be edible? If so, what would they taste like? I posed this question to another forum and the replies dealt with them being edible as long as an overabundance of chlorophyll is not toxic. However, another answer said to the effect, "I can think of many reasons they would not be edible besides the chlorophyll." When I pressed this person to elaborate, they either ignored or did not see the question, because they never replied. So I'm a bit confused.

I've seen black variations of various Earth plants that are edible, including black tomatoes, and I've been told they taste sweeter than red tomatoes. Could this then be applied to alien plants? The black tomatoes I've seen had green stems, though, where alien plants probably would not (their stems being dark colored as well). Does this make some sort of difference?

Any info that could be provided will help me think it through. Thanks!

Search terms: Anything I used ("black plants edible," "red dwarf planet black plants edible") just came up with the same theories I've already read (which didn't answer this question) or articles about plants from Earth.

Imbedding Stone, Glass, and/or Plastic in skin
I'm writing a story (technically, six stories) which take place in a generic Japanese place that is probably highly innaccurately full of American-ness.  I'm not so worried about the innaccuracies with that because the entirety of the stories take place in one building which is pretty much cut off from all of the rest of the country so they don't stand out too badly to non-Japanese readers.

Essentially, a man kidnaps five other men and the stories are each from one person's perspective as told months later.  They are intentionally filled with contradictions and false information because of that reason.

The problem I have is this.  I got the story idea off of a music video I saw ( ) and in that music video, one man has what looks to be glass or plastic or crystal imbedded in his skin and another has stone in his.  The area where the glass enters the arms is scarred but the stone is much cleaner.  Not all of what I've written is from the video, but I'd like to use the stone and the glass because it's pretty spot on with the villain's "visceral bio art" thing.

For the stone, I will probably go the dermal punch / skin divers route: have the stone carved to where a bit goes under the surface and the skin heals around it at the choke point.  My problem is mostly the glass/crystal.  To my eyes, it seems almost like the glass/crystal was extremely hot when she (it's a girl in the music video) imbedded it which semi-melted the flesh which has since healed up around in in a nastily-scarred way.  I've tried researching whether it's possible to melt flesh and mostly what I've found through google is other people asking if human flesh or skin can melt and other people claiming it doesn't (yahoo answers and quora and reddit and mad science network) because it burns and chars instead.  Some people claim if the heat is high enough, it will happen.

Assuming it does melt at a high enough temperature... just how hot?  And wouldn't such a high temperature melt the glass much more than the flesh?  And if the skin won't melt, how could the glass be be embedded the way it is in the music video?  I know the skin can reject piercings -- it's the problem with corset piercings which is why they're usually temporary -- so if it was just stabbed into the skin, the skin would probably push it right back out if given long enough.

The first story is already written and the glass was noticed but not described with a great deal of detail because the narrator only saw it briefly (that's why I could make it some kind of crystal instead which would also work and as far as the music video is concerned, it looks like it could be either).  The second story will be more concerned with stone than glass but he will be able to see the character with the glass whereas the first story's narrator couldn't see him.  I'll need to pin down the details on the glass/crystal by the fourth story because that character will be the narrator.  I mean, I could have him lie about how it was done under the auspices of "don't wanna talk about it" but the sixth story is the villain's version and he wouldn't lie about that because he's proud of it.

Thank you for your time!

idiomatic French translation for 'redneck'
So, I know nothing of French at all, but I want one character to use it when whispering to another "The redneck is staring at me again." So far, Google Translate has given me:

La rustre regarda moi de nouveau.

It's a given that the grammar is going to be wrong, so please correct me on that. But more importantly, I want to make sure I've got a good translation of 'redneck' and not something just means 'redness' or something in French. It doesn't necessarily have to connote southern or rural, as it often does here in the USA, but should be somewhere in the family of French insults like 'bumpkin' or 'low-class fool'. I hope the language has something suitable for my needs.

My speaking character is an adult male and is not natively French, but fluent enough in it that he enjoys speaking it. The character about whom he speaks is also an adult male. Setting is contemporary. And of course, the joke is that the 'redneck' understands French just fine and goes on to say, "No need to be afraid." Which Google says is:

Non besoin etre peur.

I am also sure that needs a little grammatical tweaking too. Please correct as needed.

Impact of Alleged Abuse in Medical Assault Accusations?
Gentle Rose
("Medical assault" meaning inducing a severe and sudden downturn in a man's pre-existing but manageable cancer; I don't know how else to describe this kind of attack.)

Setting: Modern day California (specifically, the fictional Beacon Hills, as this is Teen Wolf fanfic)

Searched: I'm not really sure how to search for answers to any of this.

Short Version: To law enforcement (FBI, namely), several teenagers have confessed to inducing a severe deterioration in a man's pre-existing cancer, but they also claim this man was severely abusing them, and had prevented legal recourse via a combination of intimidation and eliminating evidence. There is absolutely no physical evidence of any of this - neither the teens' assault/medical manipulation, nor the abuse. But there is a lot of circumstantial evidence. The man himself is dead, having recently been found murdered by his own daughter (a known/convicted serial killer). The man's surviving family members all claim, to varying degrees, that he was physically abusive at home, but again, there is no evidence of any of this.

Would these teenagers be charged with any kind of crime? How would law enforcement handle/react to this? Is it plausible that they wouldn't bother pursuing the case due to lack of evidence?

Additionally, from the perspective of law enforcement, this town has been subject to some kind of "serial killer competition" (their current theory, as to them, there have been multiple serial killers in a very short time frame and in this one town/area - they don't know this is a supernatural warzone, since the supernatural world is still hidden from the "Muggle" world in this universe). Would the official response/perspective been in any way impacted by the fact that a.) the man is already known as the father of one serial killer and is loosely connected to another (one who killed five cops), and b.) these teenagers have all been recurring attempted targets/been targeted by multiple serial killers several times?

[Long Version Behind Spoiler Tag]The teenagers claim the man wan was abusing them somehow (psychological? sexual? whatever it takes), and their claims are backed up by the man's son and granddaughter testifying to the fact he was physically abusive at home. The man's daughter is already a known psychopath - she was posthumously convicted of murdering nearly two dozen people in two separate killing sprees. She has recently been discovered to be alive after all, and she has been recorded as confessing to murdering her father and called him a monster, but she escaped police custody before anyone can make her explain what she means.

The teenagers also claim this man was the driving force behind two separate serial killers/was somehow working with them (one of them being his own daughter, the other being another teenager who murdered five of the cops along with several townspeople). On top of that, they claim suspicion that this man murdered his daughter-in-law (whose death was framed and ruled as a suicide at the time). The man's son and granddaughter are also willing to claim/testify that this man was physically and emotionally abusive at home.

All of this, however, is based entirely on everyone's word, because there is absolutely no physical evidence of any of this - neither the teenagers inducing the downturn in the man's cancer, nor the abuse they are claiming this man committed. The closest thing to evidence is a.) some nasty scars that the son and granddaughter can claim he inflicted, and b.) evidence that missing footage from the school's security cameras was actually deleted during his brief term as a volunteer principal for the high school these teenagers attend, and not just lost to technical difficulties like he claimed.

For those who are familiar with the Teen Wolf fandom or just want names to attach to these characters: I'm playing around with a Season 4 AU in which Allison, the granddaughter, is still alive and around, as are Erica, Boyd, and Jackson. Kate (the man's daughter, and known serial killer) murdered the man (her father, Gerard). Rafael (the FBI agent who can be seen as representing law enforcement, here) has, due to story shenanigans, twigged onto the fact this group of teenagers was involved with the man well before his death. Scott (the FBI agent's son) is hoping to get ahead of the investigation and throw off suspicion from even bigger/more convoluted problems going on at this time by everyone confessing to and claiming all of this, thereby distracting Rafael, the FBI, and the police.

Scott, Allison, and Stiles (the town Sheriff's son, and also a victim of Gerard) claim to have done this to Gerard because he was abusing them, as well as their friends Jackson, Erica, Boyd. Another teenager, Lydia, was being severely psychologically abused at the time, just not by Gerard - she was brutally attacked by a mysterious man she didn't see clearly, losing long periods of time, and had injuries she did not remember getting - and there is documentation of these. Her assailant was never found, but her problems did mysteriously stop at the same time that Gerard's cancer took its mysterious downturn. His cancer took its mysterious downturn the same night that one teenager was stabbed and another severely beaten, both also by unknown assailants. Additionally, the man's daughter did statutorily rape someone: Derek, whose family she was convicted of murdering several years ago when he was a teenager. He is now coming forward about it as a warning since it turns out she's alive after all, and he did this independently of Gerard's murder case. Yet again, no evidence, but this time only because the relationship happened seven years ago, not for supernatural reasons.

What kind of reaction can I expect/plausibly write from the FBI? And the local/county police? Is there anyway for there to be a legal record of all these claims and confessions without anyone going to prison, or should I just stick to the kids not saying anything about any of this to anyone involved in law enforcement? (I'm aiming for there to be legal records of all of this for story reasons down the road, but if it's not possible, I'll make do without it).

1930s era fighter pilots
I'm so glad I discovered this community. I have maybe a broader question than can easily be answered here, but any finger points in the right direction for further research would be appreciated.

My current story involves a squadron of pilots in the late 1930s who had initially fought together on the losing side of the Spanish Civil War and now find themselves effectively guns for hire in Eastern Asia. It's a vaguely alternate history take, so there's room for some anachronisms, but I'm looking for some good references for how planes flew and fought in the years prior to WWII to give some verisimilitude to my events and dialogues.

Wikipedia gave me a nice list of Basic Fighter Maneuvers I can pepper into the dogfights, and I've put out a hopeful call to see if I can't get a friend-of-a-friend contact with a vintage flight demonstration team, but no reply back on that yet.

Any tips or contacts I could engage in deeper discussion? An idiot's guide to the mechanics of late 30s fighters, bombers and stunt planes would be appreciated too.

Thanks, gang, and I hope I can provide some help in the future.

Survivor Guilt and Family Relationships After Accidental Death/Murder
Setting: Connecticut, 1915 & New York, 1924. The family is fairly standard New England Protestant, somewhat rigid, not exactly wealthy but comfortable and refined.

Search terms: "psychological effect of accidental death", "survivor guilt", "ptsd" (I am very open to suggestions- I have a lot of trouble putting together search terms.)

My story involves the effect of an accidental drowning on the survivors; it also takes place in two different realities, where the survivors are different, and I'm trying to figure out how the different circumstances are going to effect the characters when my MC travels from the reality where she survived to the one where she didn't.

In both realities, a widow and a widower marry in early 1915; the widow has two daughters, Prue (8) and Grace (4), and the widower has a daughter, Evie (8). Prue and Evie do not like each other. About six months after the wedding, the family goes sailing. The sisters have a fight, Evie is scolded but Prue is not, and Evie goes outside the cabin, upset. Prue follows her out, their fight resumes and escalates, and Prue pushes Evie, who falls overboard.

In reality A, Evie's father rescues her but drowns. In reality B, Evie's father survives but is unable to save her.

I'm trying to determine what kind of relationship Evie and Prue have after the father's drowning. Would it be realistic for Evie to suppress/forget that Prue had pushed her, because of the trauma of a near-drowning and losing her father?

And for reality B, I'm trying to determine how Prue would react to the guilt of killing her step-sister, and then how she would react to seeing said step-sister in the flesh almost a decade later.

I appreciate any help! Thanks so much. :)

Dialogue for a character after concussion

I’ve got a character who gets hit in the head and sustains a mild to medium concussion, and I’m sort of struggling with writing dialogue for her right afterwards. I know that some of the symptoms of a concussion are stuff like confusion and repeating the same questions over and over, but all I can find on these symptoms is really clinical information and I feel like my dialogue isn’t going to sound…authentic, I guess, or people are going to look at it and go “what, no, that’s not how concussed people talk.”

Does anyone have any specifics on exactly how someone behaves or talks right after sustaining a concussion/up to maybe like an hour afterwards? How long until she’s back to acting “normal”?

(Some of the stuff I’ve searched: “concussion confusion”, “concussion repeating things”, “concussion immediate effects”, a bunch of other terms related to concussion symptoms, but like I said most of the results I get are lists of symptoms and other very clinical kind of stuff. If anyone has first-hand experience or anecdotal information that would be really helpful.)

Hindi honorifics/forms of address
book flower
I have a scenario that's taking place in a fantasy-esque version of early 1800s India, so all my Google-fu is rather useless in looking up honorifics as I mostly get modern ones that revolve around professions or have English influences (Dr., aunty, uncle, etc.) or are mainly used between people who are on similar social standings or related (baba-ji, didi, etc.).

I'm looking for an 'traditional' honorific or form of address that a young man might use to address an older woman very respectfully, without knowing her name. Through a lot of various googling of 'Hindi forms of address/Hindi honorifics/addressing elders in Hindi' I've come up with devi-ji as being the closest, as meaning 'respected madam', but I'm not sure how accurate that is (because back-googling that term doesn't yield the same results at all). I also need an honorific for the woman to use back to the man, also without knowing his name, which I couldn't find anything at all for via similar search terms. I've also combed through some Bollywood movies to see if I could find any similar situation in which relevant forms of address might be used, but no luck. These two people aren't related and are meeting for the first time, but being very respectful of each other.

Thanks in advance for any help!

Cliffs in the USA?

This might seem slightly stupid, but can I get the names of some cliffs in the USA, which if you jump from you fall into a river? Basically, the ravine needs a water body you can swim across.

We Tried Googling...Collapse )

Occurrence of Vanishing Twin Syndrome in Identical Twins
I'm building a world where mages are usually born as identical twins. I'm trying to determine the percentage who don't have a twin, and even though I could probably get away with a random number and "because magic" as an explanation, I'd rather have it have a cause in Vanishing Twin Syndrome.

Fetus-Related Medical Stuff Under The CutCollapse )

[ANON POST] Chinese Word/Nickname Help
Time period: modern day

I'm currently writing a modern AU of the 1930s pulp character The Shadow, and I've hit a language snag. He's known as 'The Shadow' across a couple of different languages in the various New York and international communities he deals with, and in Chinese he's famously called 'Ying Ko'. Problem being: according to what I can turn up, Ying Ko doesn't actually have a meaning.

Now, according to Google Translate, while 'Ying' can mean shadow, 'Yingzi/Yingtzu' means a shadow/darkness that's a bit closer to the intended goal of the nickname. This makes me think that maybe Ying Ko was meant to be Yingtzu and the original author got the phonetic a bit screwy.

Before I change one of his more well-known monikers, though, I was hoping someone with actual Chinese language skills could weigh in: Does Ying Ko actually mean anything? Much less 'The Shadow' (or 'Dark/Black Eagle' as a few sources claim)?

If it helps, the origin of the name in my AU is an affectionate nickname from a Chinese person who befriends him during his espionage career, and who influences his later career as The Shadow.

Research: various strings of 'ying ko/yingko/ying/ko' 'chinese' 'translation' 'meaning', most of which either returned factually-questionable Shadow fanpages or people with the exact same Google Translate results.

US Military interservice rivalry.
I'm writing a fic and I need some dialouge for a scene. It is present day NY. Characters in question would have served in Iraq and/or Afgahnastan. My research was a google search "interservice rivalries". I looked at the Wikipedia page and the TV Tropes Page. None were really helpful.

Character A was a Marine Officer and specifically did two tours in Fallujah. In cannon he was an NYPD detective before and after.
Character B (an OC) is the wife of an Airforce Pararescueman who was killed in the line of duty. Character A sees her wearing an Airforce sweatshirt and makes some comment about how cushy the AF is and she snaps back some reply. It would be best if his line identified him as a Marine and if her line was scathing (she's a bit stung). From my research I think that Pararescue falls under special forces comand, which is sort of different than strictly airforce, but I couldn't find examples of what might be said.

Thanks in advance for any help.

ETA: I am looking for rivalry between the U.S. Airforce and Marines. But the air force unit in question is special operations so I not sure if that will make a difference in what is said or not.

Latin Translations
verbose, mst3k, rambling
One of my stories decided it needed a country with a shadowy council of people with ridiculous Latin titles. While I don't really need 100% perfect Latin (the rule of cool is definitely in play here), I'd like to know the accurate Latin (because, well, because I like knowing the correct thing before I choose the less correct, aesthetically better thing).

Setting info and ridiculousness behind the cut. I am cut textCollapse )

Diagnosis to order
Silver Fox
You people were so great, I came back for more :)

Setting: our world sometime in future, technology is a bit more advanced but not unrecognizably so.

Character A is a man in his fifties, who used to be very athletic (army), but approximately ten years ago suffered a serious injury - a stab wound from a blade weapon, probably to his side or abdomen. He had also fractured his dominant wrist, which resulted in permanent stiffness. Spent a year or so in various hospitals, then retired from the army and went on to become a... let's say, for simplicity's sake, a politician. He doesn't smoke, doesn't drink much, and generally tries to keep in shape.

Character A gets poisoned. It doesn't matter how or with what at this point, if need be I'll invent some futuristic substance. What matters is that the poison either causes or convinsingly imitates an attack of some familiar disease.
I'm looking for what disease that might be. It needs to be something unsurprising, so it doesn't arouse too much suspicion right away. It would also be awesome – but not comepletely necessary – if it could be linked to Character A's old injuries.


  1. The poisoner does NOT intend to actually kill the victim. However, they're counting that the victim will receive advanced medical care within 15-20 minutes of the attack. So the disease needs to be something that is fairly unlikely to kill right away, but it's okay if it's likely to kill within the next couple of hours/days/weeks – they may have invented a reliable treatment for it in the future.

  2. The patient must be unable to coherently communicate with anyone for at least two days after the attack. I mean, anyone and by any means. Unconsciousness is best, failing that - high fever and total lack of making any sense. He has information he wants to share, which I as an author don't want him to share yet. If it helps, the poisoner did not necessarily plan for that – they just wanted to keep the guy from being too active and getting underfoot. Uncommunicativeness could result from unexpected complications or unforseen drug allergies (although unforseen drug allergies are kind of unlikely, seeing as he had spent so much time in hospitals just ten years earlier - they probably know what he is allergic to by now).

  3. Time limits. The patient collapsed approximately two hours after being administered the poison, so the disease needs to be something that develops fairly quickly. For these two hours, he was under a fair amount of psychological stress and may have taken a mild sedative. About an hour before collapsing, he was well enough to ditch his security and drive away. About twenty minutes before collapsing, he had some (unpoisoned) coffee and then proceeded to have a difficult conversation with a friend while walking down a street. The friend did not suspect any health issues until Character A actually started falling of his feet, but then, the friend has no medical expertise plus it was a very difficult conversation, so stuff like pallor and pained expression could have been attributed to emotions.

  4. The patient definitely needs to be talking, and, preferably, walking three weeks later.

Any ideas what it could be?
I've tried googling heart attacks (risk of instant death too high), acute cholecystitis (involves gallstones which probably won't develop in two hours), asthma (nice dramatic effect, but he'll start talking way too early), and pancreatitis (looks like it won't be sudden and incapacitating enough, plus I can't figure out if it can result from a ten-year-old injury).

UPDATE: Ok, so while the post was in pre-moderation, somebody suggested a solution, which I'd like to check for viability :)

Acute hemorrhagic pancreatitis?Collapse )
Am I overstretching the suspension of disbelief somewhere?

A character without a legal identity
Setting: Modern day United States. California, if it needs to be that specific, which it most likely will.

So I'm writing a story online with friends, and Character A, who comes from some alternate world where magic is a Thing, gets zapped into our United States and has to make their own life there. Luckily, another, local character lends them a room, so homelessness isn't immediately an issue, but:

1) Considering Character A has no legal identity, no birth certificate, no social security number, et cetera, what serious issues are they going to have to contend with?
2) What steps, legal or non-legal, could be taken by characters in the story to get rid of these issues, or at least mitigate them?
3) What issues would be mitigated or solved if Character A were to marry Character B, who actually is a U.S. citizen?

One more thing, if this helps: Character A comes from a country in the alternate world that is basically Japan with the numbers filed off, language included, but of course they don't have a legal Japanese identity for our world.

I tried looking for answers myself, but most of the results I found were examples of real people with no legal identity without any clear solutions, and the solutions I could find seemed to rely on such things as witnesses to the characters' birth/childhood (e.g. stuff that wouldn't work if the character were from an alternate world).

Thanks in advance.


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